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Quality ManagerRecruitment Num:1
1.Have 5 years’ work experience of medical appliance, over 2 years’ experience of quality management.
2.Have been trained or worked on areas of quality system, management consultancy (with inner auditor qualification certificate)
3.Familiar with quality management system standards such as ISO9001, ISO13458.
4.With knowledge and skills of factory operating process control
5.Familiar with GMP requirements.
1.Build the quality management system of the company, guide and supervise it to effectively operate.
2. Responsible for implementing national relevant regulations, as the communication platform with outside during regulations are inspecting.
3.Responsible for certification and external audit of company’s manufacturing license and production registration;
4.Responsible for organizing training on quality management system and quality control;
5.Responsible for supervision, audit, responsibility judgment and punishment of quality;
6.Involved in or manage the quality evaluation system of company operation and suppliers to analyze compliance and evaluate risk.
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